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DEADLY VIBRATIONS, a novel of erotic suspense, is the first in the Sex Toy Murder series in which the Wilde Sisters band together to ferret out sex toy mischief, mayhem and murder.

When sexologist Rocky Wilde is evicted from her therapy business, a police detective is ordered to escort her off the property. The next day, a construction crew discovers surveillance cameras in the building. Later that night, police find two cameras in her bedroom at home.

Twenty-six years ago, eleven-year-old Rochelle Wilde witnessed the suicide of her best friend, Susan Chance. Some in the tiny town of Hillside said Rochelle gave the thirteen-year-old the cartridge for the gun that ended her life. Susan’s father, Evan Chance, claimed Rochelle had talked his daughter into the act. But once the autopsy discovered Susan was five months pregnant, suspicion rightly centered on Evan.

Under the pall from all the allegations, Rochelle becomes Rocky, a go-it-alone teenage rebel who launches a dangerous quest to unearth other child molesters. After college, Rocky attends postgraduate school in San Francisco for a doctorate in human sexuality. Back in Hillside, she opens a therapy center with her sister, Frederica, AKA Freddie, a marriage and family counselor. Still, old hostilities die hard.

In February, the Wilde sisters print Valentine’s Day fliers urging men to give their lady love a vibrator and chocolate. Women who saw the flier loved the idea. Men were more old school and took offense. But when this same flier is found under the nude body of a murdered woman, a blackened vibrator nearby, the law becomes involved.

Police chief Arnold Tyler, grew up next door to the infamous and turbulent Wilde family. Not about to see Rocky ostracized for a simple romantic suggestion, Tyler orders his new hire, Eric Tanaka, to watch over her. Detective Tanaka, however, has issues of his own. Of mixed race, Japanese and Russian, he endured years of ethnic jokes. Nevertheless, Tanaka is good at what he does. Until he meets Rocky Wilde. Taken in by her feisty independence, Tanaka becomes intrigued. In spite of this, when Tyler hands him six videotapes confiscated from the cameras in Rocky’s bedroom, Tanaka knows he is in trouble.

“Protect my friend at all costs,” the chief demands.

To do that, Eric Tanaka alone must study the films. But when he watches Rocky Wilde use a vibrator in a scene no man but the most fortunate should ever see, he agonizes about what to do. Hand the tapes over to the lab for others to watch, some of whom went to school with Rocky, and tick Tyler off, or erase the graphic scenes and then return the tapes to the lab?

Tanaka’s decision to tamper with evidence leads him down a dangerous path. As the stalker narrows in on Rocky Wilde, Tanaka becomes more and more obsessed with her. Until it interferes with his duties as an officer of the law.

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